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About STEM@school

STEM is fun, STEM is relevant! We are increasingly exposed to complex societal and technological problems. We do not only need STEM professionals who can solve these problems. We also need people with a basic understanding of STEM who can collaborate with STEM professionals, without being a STEM professional themselves. We believe that integrated STEM education allows students to understand why STEM is relevant, how real-life problems need to be solved in an interdisciplinary way and how they can look for solutions for real-life problems together.

Our learning modules

We offer learning modules free of charge for 9-12th grade students in academic and technical training. Learning modules require approximately 9 to 12 weeks and 4 to 5 hours a week. With the learning modules, students discover and use concepts from physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, technology and engineering. The modules consist of fascinating challenges. Students are challenged to develop for example an autonomous driving car, a security system, an algae application, a passive home and a rehabilitation device. The learning modules are written in Dutch.

Our research

STEM @ school is a large-scale research project, funded by the Flemish Government. It is a collaborative project between KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, Catholic Education Flanders and the GO !. Our learning modules are developed on the basis of scientific research. We take into account with research results of didactic research, but we also investigate the effectiveness of our own learning modules. Forty schools have been involved in our research so far since 2014.



News & Events

Scientix webinar Start to Stem by Wim Dehaene and Gerda Somers

Thursday March 29, 2018 - 17.00CET More information and registration on Scientix portal: link

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STEM@school goes to AERA 2018

In April 2018 AERA, one of the largest educational research associations in the world, organizes its annual conference in New York. The Flemish Educational Research Forum (VFO) selected a proposal...

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Elevator pitch STEM@school on Youtube

Due to our nomination for the Best Research & Practice Project Award EAPRIL 2017 we made an elevator pitch to introduce our STEM@School project to the international audience. You can watch...

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